Privacy Policy of DouWan

DouWan respects and protects the privacy of individuals from all official websites and user communities that are related to DouWan. This DouWan Privacy Policy (hereinafter, this "Privacy Policy") provides: without obtaining your prior consent, we will not intentionally disclose any contents that relates to your personal privacy to any third party unless otherwise stipulated herein.
1. What Information Will We Collect?
a. Information you provide to us: When you sign up to DouWan,we’ll collect information about your email address and password.
b. Non-Personal Information. When users interact with our application, we may collect non-personal-identity information associated with the user. Non-personal-identity information may include your phone’s model, version of Android and other similar information.
(1) Session and Available Data. "Session and Available Data" refers to data information relevant to connections and services that you provide to us when you use an application, service or website, including but not limited to, when you use our applications, services or websites. Session and Available Data includes information related to connection request, server communication and data sharing, including network testing, quality of service, date, time, and place / location. Gathering of information as described below, we may also gather Session and Available Data. Please note that Session and Available Data does not include any personal information, nor does it include any content that you might use applications (such as photo, contact, calendar, etc.), services, or website to send or share.
(2) Login Data. When you interact with us, or use applications, services or our website, our system may automatically collect your unique user device serial number, IP address, the type of your browser or operating system, and the date and time that you use (the "Login Data").
(3) Summary Information. "Summary Information" refers to the data that we collected from a group or service type or users, in which users’ personal identity information has been removed. In other words, the information of how you use the application, services and websites may be collected and combined with how other individuals use the applications, services and websites, but personal identity information will not be included in the ultimate Summary Information. Summary Information can help us understand user demand trends, so that we can better develop new features, or provide tailor-made applications, services and websites.
2. How We Use Collected Information?
a. Personal Information – The information you provide to us(email address and password) is only used to verify the validity period of your purchase of DouWan software service.
b. Non-Personal Information. We may use Non-Personal Information for the following purposes:
(1) We use your Non-Personal Information to verify the legality, authorization period, and authorization scope of your use of DouWan software services.
(2) For Personalized User Experience – We may use your Non-Personal Information to understand your user characteristics, and other trends related to user’s habits;
(3) To Help Improve Our Service – We may use Non-Personal Information to provide, maintain, enhance and improve our applications, services and websites, and the development of new services.
(4) For the Further Development of DouWan – We might use Non-Personal Information for market promotion and development purposes.
3. The Possibility of Personal Information Being Disclosed
a. Personal Information. we will not intentionally disclose the information you provide to us(email address and password).
b. Non-Personal Information. we will not intentionally disclose your non-personal information.
4. Users Sharing Your Information
We can not control the behavior of other users you share your data with. We cannot and will not control the behaviors of other users that you share information with when you use an application, service or website (including online forum), or how such users will use or share such information. We will not be responsible for any behavior or conduct of third party circumventing our security measures.
5. Security
DouWan is concerned about keeping confidential of your information. we have adopted effective measures to protect your Personal Information(email address and password) and Non-Personal Information, so that such information will not be accessed and used without authorization. Please note that although we have taken sufficient security measures to protect your information, there is not absolute guarantee that we can prevent non-personal information from being accessed or used without authorization.
6. Contact Us / Report Violation
If you have any questions or suggestions with respect to this Privacy Policy or our privacy system, or if you want to report any violations of this Privacy Policy or abuse of the application, service or website, please contact us at:
7. Amendment of This Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to handle, amend, modify or otherwise change this Privacy Policy at any time and at our sole discretion, and if you do not agree to any amendment or modification of this Privacy Policy, you may stop using all of relevant applications, services and websites. Please note that our employees or agents have no right to change any of our policies.