NOTICE: If screen mirroring does not work, simply reboot both your mobile device and computer, and these issues will be likely fixed.
Q: Compatibility of DouWan?
A: DouWan supports PC (Windows 7 or later) and Mac. if you want to control your iPhone/iPad with your mouse and keyboard, PC should be Windows 10(1803 or later) and Bluetooth peripheral mode should be available. Most laptops comply with those requirements while desktop PC depends. If you are not sure, just download DouWan and run it (select iOS Wired Mirroring), a prompt will display immediately if it's not compatible.
Q: What mobile devices does DouWan support?
A: iPhone, iPad, Android phone, and tablet.
Q: Is mobile app required?
A: Android needs DouWan Mobile App while iOS doesn't.
Q: Does DouWan support control Apple Device from PC?
A: Yes. This feature is disabled by default in 32-bit and 64-bit new versions and needs to be enabled in 'Settings > iOS Devices > General > Control Device'.
Q: No Bluetooth module or Bluetooth module is not available?
1: Buy the Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter using Realtek RTL8761B chipset on Amazon.
2: Check if the computer is equipped with Bluetooth function, and it needs to be disabled. (The computer itself supports Bluetooth, the external Bluetooth adapter will does not work, you need to disable the native Bluetooth).
3: Install the driver. Before installing the driver, you need to plug in the external Bluetooth adapter you purchase.
Q: Wired screen mirroring not work?
A: 1.Try to reboot your computer and phone.
A: 2.Try Reseat the USB cable.
A: 3.Try using another USB cable.
A: 4.Try using another USB port of PC.
A: 5.For iPhone/iPad devices, Don't turn off the mirroring from the control center.
A: 6.Keep your laptop powered on at all times.
A: 7.For desktop computers, use the USB port on the back of the case.
Q: How do I solve the slow charging/ “Not Charging” problem with wired screen mirroring?
A: For Apple devices, you can enable Fast Charge in the Settings.
A: You can buy a USB Hub with an external power supply (must have an external power supply with an adapter power of 5V/2A and above). Connect the computer USB port to the USB Hub and the USB Hub to the mobile phone.
Q: Should I enable Fast Charge?
1. It is recommended to enable the function on the iPad.
2. Fast charge will increase the heat, please disable Fast charge if your iPhone/iPad is overheating.
3. If you are using the Type-c port of your computer to connect to your iPhone/iPad, please turn off Fast Charge.
Q: Wireless screen mirroring not work?
A: Please disable firewall first. If still no effect, try connecting PC to iOS hotspot then screenmirror. If it succeeds please check your network environment.
B: If the desktop computer is wired, likely, it is not on the same LAN as the mobile phone. You can check the IP addresses of the computer and the mobile phone. In general, if the first three blocks of the IP addresses are the same, they belong to the same LAN. For example, computer IP: and mobile phone IP: are not on the same LAN because the third block is different.
Q: Did Not Receive Verification Email?
A: First check the spelling of the address and try requesting another verification email to be sent. If that doesn't work, check out some suggestions below.
1.Typo - Check to make sure the email address is spelled correctly. If not, verify the address with the correct spelling.
2.Web Browser Needs a Refresh - Occasionally you'll need to manually refresh your browser to check for new emails.
3.Spam or Junk Folder - Verification emails may be filtered directly into your email program's spam or junk mail folder. Your ISP or corporate domain may be configured to deliver commercial mail to this folder by default. If you do not find the email in this folder, try adding "" to your safe sender list, then request another verification email to be sent.
4.Blocked or Bounced Address - If you tried to verify a specific email address but did not receive the verification email, your ISP or corporate domain may have blocked the email. Although Constant Contact averages a very low block rate of around 3%, it's possible that your email address may be part of that 3%. If you haven't received any Constant Contact emails, try verifying an alternative email address.
5.Role, Group, or Alias Address - Because multiple people may have access to a role email address, it's best to use a personal email address for your contact and billing address. Some role addresses can be verified, but many can't.
Q: How to switch input method in iOS?
A: Ctrl - Space or Option(Alt) - Space.
Q: Open a Mac app from an unidentified developer?
1.In the Finder on your Mac, locate the app you want to open.
2.Control-click the app icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu.
3.Click Open.
Q: Bluetooth connection failed?
A: If bluetooth works abnormally, try the following:
1.Forget bluetooth pairing both on PC and iOS
2.Reboot DouWan, when the bluetooth guide page of DouWan shows up,after 2 identical bluetooth device names show on phone,initiate bluetooth connection from iOS. If a bluetooth request shows up before you do any bluetooth connection operation, Don't click Confirm。
3.If fail to discover 2 identical bluetooth, exit settings on phone then reopen.
4.If still fail, reboot PC.

Other Measure
1. Download Lightblue in App Store.
2. Open DouWan and cast your phone to the computer
3. When the bluetooth guide page of DouWan shows up, Connect bluetooth with Lightblue.